• Irina Fortey

a birth story

On a damp foggy January night four years ago, I walked into the East York General Hospital in Toronto with the deepest most intense contractions. Resting every minute and half, every step felt heavier than the last, breathing to seek any comfort it would provide. With a husband parking the car I had no idea how to make it to the elevator at the end of the hall. My mind kept wondering as to how this was even possible, so quickly. I was only 2 hours into contractions. I don’t remember it this quick with my first. Just then three strangers in passing took my hands and guided me to the 7th floor where I needed to be. Because of their kindness and selfless approach, minutes later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Yes it was that quick and these beautiful souls made that possible for me. Neither of them needed to do what they did, they choose to. And that’s special.

You really don’t know the impact you will have on someone’s story. The act of kindness I received that day changed the sequence of events that followed. Today, I celebrate her fourth birthday 🎂 but I also celebrate those who made it possible to bring her earth side safely.

Be kind to each other mamas!


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