• Irina Fortey

“I want to remember this moment forever.”

This is a photo of my 2 day old daughter, taken in passing back in 2015. Captured quickly, fuzzy and in the ‘moment’ with my phone. The title labeled was, “I want to remember this moment forever".

What was so perfect about this? It could of been she was finally asleep 😴, I may of just showered and felt refreshed, or just good old post pregnancy hormones. I really don’t remember, but I do know this. Between that moment at 2 days old and her turning a year, I only have 17 photos of me and my daughter in the same frame. Shameful for a photographer but the truth is I focused my talent in documenting her, her brother, my husband with the kids but never did I place myself alongside them.

I had every intention to be in photos but the excuses took over. My hair was uncombed, baggy eyes, tired, house clothes styling, baby was too fussy, it was time for an errand, distracted by my other child, etc, etc.

This beautiful soul will be FOUR this week, I repeat turning FOUR!!! She calls me her best friend, and charms me with her personality. Although I know I am a wonderful mother to her, I want her to know that from now on she has a mother who will do her best to give other mothers courage to be in photos with their children so they can place their motherhood legacy one day back in their child’s hands. #gettingmomsbackinphotos


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